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Monday 12 december 2011 1 12 /12 /Dec /2011 16:46

Photo on 12-12-11 at 7.23 AM #4Having a figure that is difficult to fit into any type of stylish clothing, I had always considered it torturous to go shopping for new clothes.  Thus, shopping for myself was rank number one on my list, as being the most horrifying task that I would prefer doing.  It was my enemy number one and it shared that ranking position alongside cooking, for years, until I accompanied a girlfriend on one of her shopping sprees.  

5393654929_24f246b4b4.jpgEntering a department store in the downtown area of our wonderful city, we took the lift to the women's section.  My dissatisfaction with the fact, that I had let her talk me into accompanying her, was written on my face. I was also not exactly nice to the friendly saleswoman, who was doing her best to get me to smile.  

5931219057_6860a5a54c.jpgWhile thinking that it was probably best that I go and find the nearest computer shop, and enter into the world of technology, so that my girlfriend could do her shopping, without having to deal with my facial grimaces, the saleslady approached me with a pair of jeans that she thought would look nice on me.  My first reaction was to reject the offer of kindness and flip it off as a sales pitch, until I tried them on. They looked fantastic on me.  That particular day, I fell in love with Fabiani clothing and no longer do I dreaded shopping.  

5247393335_d72e83a5ef.jpgChic, elegant, conservative with style and flair are only a few of the descriptive adjectives, that one can use, to describe the fashion that comes out of this fashion house.  Especially for the woman, who is independent, career oriented, intelligent and has a mind of her own, Fabiani is the ideal clothing to wear.

5093623730_cc3161d204.jpgAre you looking for a nice pair of casual trousers that fit your body perfectly, as if you were poured into them? Do you like to wear sporty shirts that display your neckline and give you a certain sophistication that attract people to you?  Then you definitely want to take a look at Fabiani clothing. Their creations are timeless.

2151659364_69fc39913d.jpgUnknowingly, the saleslady was being used by my girlfriend, as catalyst to bring change into my life. Now, shopping for new clothes is not a torturous process, because I have finally found a designer that designs clothing that fits me. Whether it is buying on the Internet, or searching in a department store, my first question usually is, "Do you have a women's department with Fabiani clothing?" If the answer is yes, they have won a new customer, because I buy Fabiani. Fabiani is simply best. 

By Pat Garcia - Posted in: Fashion - Community: Fashion & Apparell for the working woman
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