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Friday 18 april 2014 5 18 /04 /Apr /2014 14:41

P.jpg "Push forward, Child."

"I can't, Prophet. I'm too weak to push."

"No, you're not. Push forward. "

"But, Prophet, I have no power. I can't push."

"You have the power, Child. It may be dwindling, but there is power within you. So, push. Give it another try."

"Aah ump, ump," puffed the Child, standing on the ocean floor.  "The door isn't opening, Prophet."

"Gently budge against the door when you push."

"If you say so, but it seems like every time I push, the door to the object gets harder to open."

"You're making progress. Don't let the unseen make you think otherwise. Push!" The Prophet commanded.

Aah, ump, ump," came the sounds from the Child as she pushed.

"Prophet! It budged! I can see a tiny crack."

"Can you get through the crack?"

"Not quite, but almost."

"Take a deep breath and push again."

"Aah, ump, ump.  Whew," said the Child out of breath, and she sank with her knees on the lily pad to stretch out and rest.

"Can we get through?" The Prophet asked.

"Aah, yes, aah, aah, aah."

"Then, let's go. The lily pad is waiting for you to guide her."

"I want to rest a minute, Prophet."

"You'll have plenty of time to rest afterward."

The Child got up and steered the lily pad through the opened gap with The Prophet sitting on the whale following behind.


"Yes, Child?"

"Who would plant such an obstruction in the ocean?"

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Pat Garcia







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Thursday 17 april 2014 4 17 /04 /Apr /2014 16:44


O.jpg "One person, Prophet?" The Child asked.

"Yes, Child, one person." The Prophet said.

"That's all, one person?"

"Didn't I say one?"

"Sure you did, but I don't understand why one person is so significant?"

"One person with a vision rocks the world, Child."

 "Is that why the world isn't rocking?"

"Yes, Child. No vision. "

"Is being one with a vision dangerous, Prophet?" The Child asked, thinking she had cornered The Prophet by giving him a question he couldn't answer.

"You could say it's safer to flock together than to step out and be different."

"Does having a vision make you different?" The Child asked.

The Prophet observed his apprentice with her legs stretched out on the lily pad.  The whale had moved close to the pad so she could lean back comfortably on him as she learned.

"What your goal, Child?"

"To rock the world."

"Well, you won't rock it without your vision."

"Why not?"

"Your vision is your roadmap. It plots your course and keeps you going. Without vision, you get lost, Child."

"Oh, I see."

"Do you really?"

"Yes, but doesn't vision bring responsibility, Prophet?"

"Good question, Child, but that's enough for today. Would you like to take Mr. Whale for a ride?"

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Pat Garcia

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Wednesday 16 april 2014 3 16 /04 /Apr /2014 17:57


"Nearer, nearer, nearer,

I'm coming,

  Nearer, nearer, nearer."

The Child sang. The moon had disappeared, and the sun was slowly rising from its hiding place.


"What a beautiful melody, Child? Where did you learn it?"


"I didn't, Prophet. It just came up from my heart as I was waking up. I heard


Nearer, nearer, nearer,


I'm coming,

Nearer, nearer, nearer,

And I started singing."


"Well, you massaged my heartstrings; your voice sounds as if it is a tuba horn."


The Child laughed, pleased to make The Prophet happy, and she looked out over the ocean.


"A sailboat is approaching from afar, Prophet."


"How far, Child?"


"It's almost near us, and what a beauty."


The Prophet saw the expectation on the Child's face.


"If we get on the sailboat, we'd get to our destination faster."


"Do you think so, Child?"


Bewitched by the sailboat approaching them, the Child didn't answer.


"Can we change our mode of transportation, Prophet? It is so much faster than the lily pad."


"You can, Child."


"Won't you come with me?"


No, Child, I'll stay here with the lily pad and your friend Mr. Whale."


"But the sailboat is moving faster than the lily pad, Prophet."


"What is wrong with that?"


"Don't you want to arrive sooner?"


"No, Child.  I want to arrive at the appointed time."


"Which means?"


"What was that song you were singing when you awoke?" The Prophet asked.


Disappointment laced the Child's voice as she sang


 "Nearer, nearer, nearer,

  I'm coming nearer,

Oh, oh nearer."

As the sailboat came nearer, it began to fade in the sunlight until it was no more.


"It's gone!" said the Child, startled.


"I know, Child. Keep singing."


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Pat Garcia

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Tuesday 15 april 2014 2 15 /04 /Apr /2014 19:27

M.jpg "Missed," said the Child.

"Try again," The Prophet replied.

The Child sat on the lily pad.  The gathering of algae was proving more difficult than expected; the lily pad was moving speedily. Her friend, Mr. Whale, was relaxing on the ocean, watching her as it moved with the water current.

"That was a pretty algae," the Child said.

"It was colorful. How many types of algae do you think there are below?"

"Don't really know, Prophet. Maybe, I'll try and count them one day?"

"Let me know if you succeed." The Prophet replied with chuckles of laughter.

"Missed again," the Child mumbled as some red algae slipped from her fingers and disappeared in the ocean.

"Try again, Child."

"I think I'd rather move on and do something else, Prophet. This is tiring."

"Try again."

"You're sounding like a broken record, Prophet."

"I thought you wanted to learn about algae."

"I do," the Child said.

The sun shone and the Child saw red, brown, yellow and green algae below her as the lily pad floated swiftly on the ocean.

"Prophet, why do people call algae, seaweed?"

" People call lots of things by another name, Child."

"There you go Prophet talking in riddles again."

The Prophet smiled and quietly observed as the Child leaned over the side of the lily pad and with too much caution tried to grab some green algae.

"Missed again. That's it. I missed catching the algae cause the lily pad is moving too fast.

"Child, the tempo of the lily pad tempo is not the reason you're missing the catch."

"Then, what is?"

"Maybe you have to throw away caution and join them."

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Pat Garcia


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Monday 14 april 2014 1 14 /04 /Apr /2014 18:03

L.jpg "Lie down, Child, stretch yourself out; you need to sleep."

"I don't want to lie down and sleep, Prophet. I'm not tired."

"Did you enjoy dinner?"  

"Sure did, and now I've got to make sure Mr. Whale eats something."

"So you've found a new friend in the whale?"

"Yes, you should have seen him, Prophet. He was glorious in battle. Every time I said jump, he would buck so high over the waves and make a big dive downward and land on the ocean," The Child said excitedly.

"And as soon as you lie down, he'll eat," said The Prophet.

"But I don't want to lie down, Prophet. I'm not tired."

"Don't you love to sleep on your lily pad?"

"I do, when I'm tired," The Child said, and she stifled a yawn.

"What are you afraid of Child?"

"How long will you stay with me, Prophet?

"I'm never far from you."

"But sometimes I feel like you are so far away."

"Why's that?"

"Because I feel empty and alone."

"Oh my dear Child, the path you've chosen is not easy. That's why I am never far from you."

"Which means?"

"You're never alone. So, lie down before the fire and sleep."

Assured by what The Prophet said, the Child snuggled close to the fire, and the sea lilies crawled up onto the lily pad and twined together as a pillow for the Child to lay her head.

"Shall I tell you the story of courage?"

"Oh yes, Prophet. I love to hear your stories."

"Once upon a time, there was a Child with a dream…" The Prophet began.

The Child's breathing slowed, her eyelids closed, and she surrendered to sleep.


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Pat Garcia







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