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Tuesday 22 april 2014 2 22 /04 /Apr /2014 15:41


S.jpg "Set the sail, Child, set the sail," The Prophet commanded, looking at her face.

"Prophet, a lily pad don't have a sail," The Child replied.

"You have a sail, Child; you must set the course."

"Then, where is it?" The Child asked defiantly.

"Here, Child," The Prophet said as he tapped on the top of her head. "It is in here."

"So, how do I set sail in my head?"

"Child don't you see you need to plot your course. You have to have some idea of where you're going."

"So, returning to my vision is not enough, Prophet?"

"Correct, Child.  You need to set your sail so you can go the distance."

"So, how do I set sail in my head?" The Child asked.

The Prophet moved his hand from her head and covered her eyes with both of his hands.

 "What do you see, Child?"

In her heart the dreams that started her on her journey arose, riding on the ocean ahead of her, beckoning her to come.

"I see them, Prophet. I see them!" The Child said excitedly. "But they're moving away from me."

"That's true, because you haven't set your sail."

"So my saying yes to leaving the cove provided me with a sail?"

"Yes, Child."

"What must I do now?"

"Move your lily pad out on the ocean."

The Child shoved her lily pad away from the cove and closed her eyes; the wind gathered up its speed; the lily pad began to move with the wind current, and the whale swam happily farther out.

"Is my sail set, Prophet?"

"Yes, Child.  Keep dreaming. We're on our way," The Prophet replied with a smile.

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Pat Garcia





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Monday 21 april 2014 1 21 /04 /Apr /2014 16:46

R.jpg "Return, Prophet? Do we have to return?"

"Have you forgotten your dreams, Child?" The Prophet asked.

"No... But why I do I have to return now?"

"Because it's time to put your focus back onto where you're heading."

"But it's so beautiful here, so peaceful. Do I have to return, Prophet?"

"No, you don't have to. It's your choice."

"Don't you think I'd be happier staying where I am?"

"You know the answer to that Child."

The Child thought deeply as she sat on the lily pad.  Do I have the perseverance needed to go on, to achieve my dreams? She asked herself, and for the first time, she noticed that the whale seemed restless.

"What 's wrong with Mr. Whale?"

"He's waiting for you to decide."

"What has my decision got to do with him, Prophet?"

"He's ready to move on and can't, until he knows what you're going to do."

"Do you mean the whale wants to go?"

"Yes, Child. He has to move on."

"But what will I do without him, Prophet?

"If you decide not to return, you don't need him."

"Oh, Prophet, what shall I do?"

"What do you want to do, Child?"

"I want to stay, and yet, I want to continue on."

"And that means?"

Tears that she could no longer hold back started falling.  The Child knew the answer. Her happiness lay ahead no matter what the circumstances.

"Let's go. It's time to return," she said.

"After you, Child."

"Prophet, will we ever come upon a safe harbor again?

"Of course, we will. They are planted along your pathway. Whenever you need to rest, one will appear."

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Pat Garcia

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Saturday 19 april 2014 6 19 /04 /Apr /2014 12:17

Q.jpg "Quest, oh, this is my quest," the Child sang softly.

"You haven't sung that song for a long time, Child," The Prophet said.

"I know. Tonight it struck me that I've been on the way for quite a while, and this song rose in my spirit."

"Sing a little bit louder. It is balm for my soul."

The Child raised her voice and sang with fervor,

"This is my quest,

To follow that star,

No matter how hopeless,

No matter how far."*

The Prophet joined in with his baritone, and the sounds of harmony from the two voices calmed the ocean, and the whale closed his eyes as it listened.

"To fight for the right,

Without question or pause,"

To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause."*

The Prophet began humming as the Child sang on to the end.

Silence hovered over the ocean, The Prophet, sitting wordlessly on the lily pad, the whale asleep, as the Child whispered, "Do you think I'll make it, Prophet?"

"I have no doubts you will, Child. Why do you ask?"

"Sometimes it seems so hard."

"And yet with each difficulty you display an indomitable spirit to keep going."

"That's cause I have you, Prophet," the Child said, and she yawned.

"Let's say we have each other, Child."

"But you don't need me, Prophet." The Child mumbled.

"Oh yes I do, Child. I need your ability to laugh at yourself, your tenacity, your trust, and your faith to live a fulfilled life with purpose."

"Zzzz," The Child replied. "Zzzz."

 The Prophet chuckled. She had fallen asleep.

"Sleep my Child," The Prophet said tenderly. "Tomorrow is another day."

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Pat Garcia



*The Impossible Dream. Songwriters, Joe Darien and Mitch Leigh; Published by 


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Friday 18 april 2014 5 18 /04 /Apr /2014 14:41

P.jpg "Push forward, Child."

"I can't, Prophet. I'm too weak to push."

"No, you're not. Push forward. "

"But, Prophet, I have no power. I can't push."

"You have the power, Child. It may be dwindling, but there is power within you. So, push. Give it another try."

"Aah ump, ump," puffed the Child, standing on the ocean floor.  "The door isn't opening, Prophet."

"Gently budge against the door when you push."

"If you say so, but it seems like every time I push, the door to the object gets harder to open."

"You're making progress. Don't let the unseen make you think otherwise. Push!" The Prophet commanded.

Aah, ump, ump," came the sounds from the Child as she pushed.

"Prophet! It budged! I can see a tiny crack."

"Can you get through the crack?"

"Not quite, but almost."

"Take a deep breath and push again."

"Aah, ump, ump.  Whew," said the Child out of breath, and she sank with her knees on the lily pad to stretch out and rest.

"Can we get through?" The Prophet asked.

"Aah, yes, aah, aah, aah."

"Then, let's go. The lily pad is waiting for you to guide her."

"I want to rest a minute, Prophet."

"You'll have plenty of time to rest afterward."

The Child got up and steered the lily pad through the opened gap with The Prophet sitting on the whale following behind.


"Yes, Child?"

"Who would plant such an obstruction in the ocean?"

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Pat Garcia







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Thursday 17 april 2014 4 17 /04 /Apr /2014 16:44


O.jpg "One person, Prophet?" The Child asked.

"Yes, Child, one person." The Prophet said.

"That's all, one person?"

"Didn't I say one?"

"Sure you did, but I don't understand why one person is so significant?"

"One person with a vision rocks the world, Child."

 "Is that why the world isn't rocking?"

"Yes, Child. No vision. "

"Is being one with a vision dangerous, Prophet?" The Child asked, thinking she had cornered The Prophet by giving him a question he couldn't answer.

"You could say it's safer to flock together than to step out and be different."

"Does having a vision make you different?" The Child asked.

The Prophet observed his apprentice with her legs stretched out on the lily pad.  The whale had moved close to the pad so she could lean back comfortably on him as she learned.

"What your goal, Child?"

"To rock the world."

"Well, you won't rock it without your vision."

"Why not?"

"Your vision is your roadmap. It plots your course and keeps you going. Without vision, you get lost, Child."

"Oh, I see."

"Do you really?"

"Yes, but doesn't vision bring responsibility, Prophet?"

"Good question, Child, but that's enough for today. Would you like to take Mr. Whale for a ride?"

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Pat Garcia

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